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5 Beautiful and Short Hairstyles You Can Try Inspired by KPop Group Twice Member Jihyo (You Won’t Regret Having Short Hair!)

Thinking about going for a short hairstyle?

If you’re not yet sure if you won’t regret it, check out this blog compilation of Jihyo’s short hairstyles.

As a member of the K-pop group Twice, she is very particular when it comes to her looks.

Jihyo proves short hairstyles can be fun and stylish, and it doesn’t have to be scary.

You’ll see how short hair can make you look cool.

Get ready to see these 5 beautiful short hairstyles that will make you want to book your next haircut appointment.

1. Classic Medium Bob

Image Source: Koreaboo

This hairstyle is a medium-length cut that goes just past the shoulders.

The ends of the hair curl in a little bit, which makes it look soft and pretty around the face.

The hair is parted a little to one side, which gives it a relaxed and trendy feel.

This hairstyle is easy to manage and can be worn both for special occasions and every day.

It’s a simple but stylish look that works well for many people.

Classic Medium Bob is a good choice if you want to look neat without too much effort.

2. Short Wavy Bob

Image Source: Koreaboo

With a short wavy bob, the hair is cut above the shoulders and has soft waves that add body and movement.

It’s parted on the side, which makes the style look relaxed.

The waves give a bouncy and youthful feel to the look.

This hairstyle is versatile and easy to manage.

It’s a comfortable style for someone who is active and on the go.

The look is both stylish and practical, suiting a friendly image well.

3. Shoulder-Length Lob

Image Source: Koreaboo

Jihyo rocked this shoulder-length lob, which is a slightly longer version of a bob.

The waves add volume and a playful touch.

The hair is parted on the side, which gives a relaxed and trendy feel.

Her hair colour is a light brown with subtle highlights, making the waves stand out more.

This hairstyle is easy to look after and works for all kinds of occasions.

It’s a fun and fresh look that shows off her friendly and approachable personality.

This kind of hairstyle is popular because it’s both stylish and practical.

4. Chic Bob Cut

Image Source: Allkpop

Jihyo is sporting a chic bob cut.

The hair length is just above the shoulders, which is a popular choice for a clean and modern look.

This bob has a straight edge and doesn’t have layers, giving it a sleek and full appearance.

Her hair is parted on the side, which adds a touch of elegance to the style.

This hairstyle is easy to take care of and doesn’t take long to style.

It’s a great look for both formal events and everyday wear.

5. Chin-Length Cut

Image Source: Allkpop

In this picture, she has her hair styled in a Chin-Length Cut.

The hair is cut to a length that falls just below the chin, giving it a neat and tidy look.

The hair is all one length, without layers, which makes it look thick and full.

Jihyo has a side part which looks both modern and elegant.

This type of haircut is often chosen for its ease of styling and maintenance.

It’s a versatile look that fits well for both fancy events and everyday activities.

Choose a Styling Tool That Can Perfectly Style Any Hair Type

Having a short hairstyle can be a big change.

But it might also be the best thing you can do for your look.

With the right style, you can feel great and look fresh.

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