Features HP

Pirouette CordTM

Like a dancer floats across the floor, not once betraying the strain of motion, so too does our cord allow for an endless range of movement without a hint of resistance. Free yourself from all constraints.

Simple Aesthetics

Not only does it look awesome, it IS awesome!



Feather TouchTM

Our styler is coated with a proprietary DuPontTM resin that absorbs sweat and gives a silky sensation to the touch. Combined with our ergonomic design, this ensures that our styler feels light to the touch, all day, every day. Like a feather in the breeze.

Healing Stone TechnologyTM

Infused with a secret mineral drawn from our mine deep in the South Korean mountains, our ceramic coated plates protect your hair from the ravishes of excessive heat. They have been scientifically proven to cause virtually no damage to your hair and eliminate the need for hair protector. Treat your hair right.

Guardian AngelTM

Ever sat at your desk all day wondering whether you left your straightener on and burned down your entire apartment block? Banish the thought, as our GUARDIAN ANGELTM  technology ensures that your unit will shut off automatically after 30 minutes. Stress Free.


Do you have fragile, colored hair? Course, unruly hair that is hard to tame? No problem! With 11 distinct heat settings ranging from 1000C to 2000C,  you are in complete control and can set the temperature depending on your hair type or the style you want to achieve. And with a rapid heat up time of 15 seconds to 1500C, you’ll never have to wait to style.