For centuries, the untapped power of the Healing Stone mineral ore, whose natural purifying and healing properties have long been linked to longevity and vitality, was hidden deep in the mountains of South Korea.

Today, GlamPalm, the exclusive owner of the Healing Stone mines, infuses this mineral ore into its World-Class Stylers for an exceptional therapeutic benefit. A proprietary plating process allows the wands to emit high levels of far infrared rays and anions, odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules that are breathed abundantly in mountain, beach, and aquatic environments.

Anions, or negative ions, produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieving stress and boosting energy. Additionally, anions help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage to hair’s keratin and producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

GlamPalm users found that their hair was glossier and less damaged with GlamPalm compared with other products. To scientifically prove this opinion, we requested a university laboratory to conduct independent testing. 

The degree and extent of hair damage caused by hair irons was measured by the Hair and Scalp Laboratory of H University in women in their twenties with healthy hair. One used GlamPalm and the other used a product from competitor A (basic ceramic coated hair iron) everyday for 4 weeks. The above image illustrates that GlamPalm produced virtually no damage to the cuticle layer of the hair whereas competitor A's (basic ceramic coated hair iron) product showed significant damage.



Special ceramic coating for smooth sliding
The GlamPalm special heat plate is different from the usual ceramic heat plate which oxidizes
aluminium panel surface. Special ceramic coating independently developed by GlamPalm enables
smooth sliding preventing hair to be pulled out.

Far-infrared ray and anions for softer, glossier hair
By emitting far-infrared ray and generating anions from its ceramic coat, which is made of a
mixture of natural materials including mineral and alumina powder, GlamPalm prevents hair damage
and makes hair softer and glossier than ever.


Freedom on styling with 360° swivel cord
The 360° swivelling ball type cord is suitable for comfortable hairstyling without tangles.

Maximising product lifespan with 3D swivel pivot cord
Considering styling environment, it was designed to maximise product lifespan and give flexibility.
The 3 metre cord length assures ample space to move around with styling.


Comfortable grip with ergonomic design
The ergonomically designed grip provides greater user comfort and minimizes wrist fatigue from
long term use.

Simple, minimalist aesthetics
Convenient use and simplicity highlighted by eliminating unnecessary parts of the body matched
with simple design conveys quality and elegance.


Optimal styling with distinctive tilting function
The heat plates' automatic angle adjustment function follows the direction of use, providing even
heat transmission for optimal hairstyling.

Preventing hair damage with cushioned heat plates
The distinctive heat plate’s cushion function spreads out the pressure preventing hair pulling and 
ensures that there is no uneven gaps between the plates. 


Minimal heat transfer for superior safety
The heat resistance cap minimises heat transmitted to the hands and enhances safety.

Safety with automatic shut off
For added energy saving and safety, a built-in sensor prevents overheating, while an automatic
shut-off switch turns off the product after 30 minutes of non-use.


Multi styling with the optimally designed heat plate
The optimally sized heat plate and rounded body design enable various styles such as straight, curl and wave.

Optimal styling with temperature control system
The temperature adjust system allows the users to style in different temperatures according to their desire.

Efficient heat transfer for “Treatment Effect”
Thanks to efficient heat transfer properties, you can create satisfying hairstyles even at lower heat plate
temperatures for outstanding “treatment effect” and improved safety.