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South Korea's
No. #1 Hair Iron

Straighten Or Curl Your
Hair Smoothly in 10 to
12mins Without Using
Any Hair Protectant,
Spray Or Serum!

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The Ultimate Hair Iron That We Built After Years of Research!

  • Look perfect in front of your friends or
    family for every occasion (gatherings,
    date night, birthday, christmas, everyday)

  • Need to rush out of your house for a last min thing? With
    GlamPalm, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing
    yourself as you can fix your hair fast within mins!
  • Feel great about your hair every single day and walk
    with confidence

  • “Is my hair messy?” - a question that you will no
    longer ask yourself...
  • No more bad hair days even when you’re traveling

  • No more dry looking hair whenever you use any other
    hair iron
  • With GlamPalm, people will constantly ask where
    you got your hair done

"I Pack It For All My
Travels Now."

Tried and tested, been using it for a while, and am convinced that this is the one to share with all of you. It is smaller than most of the ones I have, definitely lighter in weight and I pack it for all my travels now, and it is super easy to use!

- Melody Yap

8 Reasons Why GlamPalm
is the Ultimate Hair Styler...


Significantly Reduces Hair Damage With Its Healing Stone Technology™

  • Infused with healing stones from our mines deep in the South Korean mountains
  • Contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial elements
  • Healing Stone minimizes damage to your hair and leaves with a smooth, shiny & healthy looking hair

Quick-Heat & Ready for Use in 15 secs

  • Takes as fast as 15 seconds for GlamPalm hair iron to heat up from the moment you plug it in
  • With its quick-heat function, you’ll be able to quickly straighten or curl your hair within 10 to 15 mins

Set 11 Different Temperature Settings to Create Any Hairstyles

  • GlamPalm also comes with 11 different temperature settings ranging from 100°C to 200°C
  • With 11 different heat settings, you can appropriately style your hair for any occasion!

Smooth Sliding Plates That Prevents Hair Pull

  • GlamPalm uses a special heat plate that enables smooth sliding and prevents your hair from being pulled out.
  • Plates are different from the usual ceramic heat plate which oxidizes aluminum panel surfaces

Best Travel Companion Due to International Voltage

  • GlamPalm has a Universal Voltage 100 to 240 volts and 50/60Hz (Hertz) so you’re able to use it anywhere in the world!
  • All of them are also fitted with Surge Protectors.
  • Light & weighs only 240grams (weight of 2x iPhone 6s)

Built For Safety With Auto Shut Off After 30-Mins

  • Come with a built-in sensor that prevents it from overheating
  • It’ll also automatically shut-off if there's no motion detected after 30 minutes. So not to worry if you forgot to turn it off!

Built-in 360° Swivel Cord With A Comfortable Grip

  • It uses a ball stype cord so it allows you to comfortably style your hair without getting entangled!
  • The 360° Swivel cord maximizes the product lifespan and gives you great flexibility
  • Coated with a special resin to provide you a comfortable grip even if you use it for a long time.

Comes With A 1-Year Local Warranty

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty with every purchase
  • All GlamPalm products are manufactured to the highest standards and are thoroughly checked before leaving the factory

"Prevents Hair From Being Pulled Out."

After discovering the wonders of a hair straightener, I find it hard to leave my house without using it! I've tried a few brands but none impress me like the one I got from Glampalm! It uses a special ceramic coating for smooth sliding that prevents hair from being pulled out.

- Sheila Mandy

"Only Took 15 Mins Flat!"

It's very easy to straighten my unruly tangled bed hair - only took 15 mins flat! You can adjust the temperature on your GlamPalm from 100 to 200 degrees.

- XiaXue

Actual Customer Reviews From
People Who Bought GlamPalm

More Reviews From People Who
Have Used GlamPalm

"Allow You To Control How Much Heat."

What I love about GlamPalm's straightener is it comes with 11 temperature settings, which allows you to control how much heat you want to expose your hair to, and secondly, the heating part is made with special ceramic, making styling smoother and faster.

- Andrea Chong

“Safe My Time From Waiting To Be Heated."

I just tried this hair straightener called GLAMPALM which is I love it so much. Very handy and light. Very fast to get the temperature within couple seconds, totally safe my time from waiting to be heated :P Makes my hair looks shiny and still smooth.

- Fenny, Ladies Journal

Including Great Reviews From
Professional Hair & Makeup Stylists.. .

"Not Afraid To
Recommend It To
Our Clients."

...we're not afraid to recommend it to our clients because we are assured of its quality. All the stylists in the salon use GlamPalm and we were all blown away by how well it handled; it was smooth on hair, didn't pull or cause breakage. I am convinced that GlamPalm is the best flat iron on the market and recommend it to all my clients.

- Calvin Gan, Creative Director at Hairloom Salon

"Never Have To
Worry About
Tangled Cords!"

I am passionate about creating beauty and I believe that the tools that I use reflect my work. The variable heat settings allow me to create the various hairstyles for every occasion and the swivel cord is a lifesaver! I never have to worry about tangled cords!

- Valerie TangYong, Award Winning MakeUp Artist at TangYong Makeup

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What Comes in the Box?

  • 1x GlamPalm Hair Iron
  • 2x Sectioning Hair Clips
  • A Cotton Cloth Bag to Keep Everything

Not Sure Which GlamPalm Model to Order?

Use This Table Guide Below to Choose Your Model Base
on Your Hair Length & Hair Style You Want to Create... ...

  • Curl
  • Straighten
  • Both Curl & Straighten

For Short Hair (Up to shoulders):

  • Hair Styles
  • Curl
  • Straighten
  • Both Curl & Straighten

For Medium Hair (Below shoulders to the first half of your upper arm):

  • Hair Styles
  • Curl
  • Straighten
  • Both Curl & Straighten

For Long Hair (Below the first half of your upper arm):

  • Hair Styles
  • Curl
  • Straighten
  • Both Curl & Straighten

Short Hair: Up to shoulders
Medium Hair: Below shoulders to the first half of your upper arm
Long Hair: Below the first half of your upper arm

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"Bought A Large Round Hair Curler For $30 And After Using It... I Could Smell A Burnt Smell."

I once bought a large round hair curler for $30 and after using it I realised it overheated and I could smell a burnt smell. Since then I never used it. A year later I bought another hair curler from a pop up store but it causes frizz after some time and it was rather huge/heavy. I made do with it. Now I finally realised what people mean by "quality comes first

- Celine Ho, Secretnudges

“Hair Was Kept Soft And Smooth."

I have used it for awhile now, and am very pleased that I am able to recreate my signature hairstyle with the GlamPalm Hair straightener. Other then that I found my hair was kept soft and smooth, less damaged and glossier even!

- Sydney Ho, My Fat Pocket