Professionals love GlamPalm...

Calvin Gan
Valerie TangYong

Creative Director @ Hairloom Salon

Award Winning MakeUp Artist @ TangYongMakeup

Calvin Gan

"We are very particular about the products we carry and with that said, when we do find something that we like, we're not afraid to recommend it to our clients because we are assured of its quality. All the stylists in the salon use GlamPalm and we were all blown away by how well it handled; it was smooth on hair, didn't pull or cause breakage. I am convinced that GlamPalm is the best flat iron on the market and recommend it to all my clients. Remember, taking care of your hair is important and so is buying quality products."

Valerie TangYong

"As an award winning professional hair and makeup artist, I heavily rely on high quality products such as GlamPalm. I am passionate about creating beauty and I believe that the tools that I use reflect my work. The variable heat settings allow me to create the various hairstyles for every occasion and the swivel cord is a lifesaver! I never have to worry about tangled cords!"

"I highly recommend GlamPalm to all my fellow make-up artists and clients."

And so do Singapore's most stylish!

"I have been using Glam Palm, because their irons are all of the above. Tried and tested, been using it for a while, and am convinced that this is the one to share with all of you. It is smaller than most of the ones I have, definitely lighter in weight and I pack it for all my travels now, and it is super easy to use!"

"What I love about GlamPalm's straightener is it comes with 11 temperature settings, which allows you to control how much heat you want to expose your hair to, and secondly, the heating part is made with special ceramic, making styling smoother and faster. "

"I've been using GlamPalm straighteners for my shoots and ootds ever since I've gotten them. I really love using them and wouldn't leave the house without styling my hair with these wands. My hair looks and feels healthier and well set throughout the day.."

Melody Yap / Love Melody

Andrea Chong / Drea Chong

Ace Chia / Ace Chia