Women's Haircut & GlamPalm Hair Iron

GlamPalm Singapore


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What You Get:
  • 1x GlamPalm Hair Iron
    • You can choose between model GP201 or GP313 (see this guide to choose according to your hair length)
  • A voucher to do a haircut at Hairloom by stylists who will cut your hair in the best style that suits your personality and lifestyle
    • Voucher expires 2 months from the date of your purchase
  • Includes wash and blow
After your payment, a booking link will be emailed to you to book your haircut appointment online.

    About Hairloom:

    • The GO-TO hair salon for many local celebrities in Singapore
    • Founded by Calvin Gan
    • They have collaborated with Mediacorp, YES933, Dove, Estee Lauder and many others.
    • Centrally location at Shaw Tower City Hall, 100 Beach Road, #01-50/52, S189702

    About GlamPalm Hair Iron:

    • The only hair styler infused with Healing Stone Technology™ - Say goodbye to hair damage!
    • No heat-protector or hair serum is necessary. Plus, it's safe to use on Keratin Treated Hair with amazing results.
    • Create c-curls, waves or straighten. It's your choice.

    Included in the box: GlamPalm Hair Iron, Cotton Cloth Bag and 2 Sectioning Clips.

    Technical Specifications of GlamPalm:

    • Heating Plate Size:
      • For GP201: 2.4cm (wide) x 8.5cm (long)
      • For GP313: 3.2cm (wide) x 8.9cm (long)
    • Best Travel Companion, International Voltage 100v-240v & 50/60hz
    • Weights only 240g (weight of 2x iphone 6s)
    • Made in Korea

    How to order:

    • Step 1 - Choose a Stylist Level and a GlamPalm hair iron model from the dropdown menu above!
      • Stylists - Less than 5 years of experience
      • Creative Stylists - Above 6 years of experience
      • Leading Stylists - Above 10 years of experience
      • Creative Director - Above 16 years of experience
    • Step 2 - Checkout and make payment
    • Step 3 - An email containing a booking link will be sent to you to book your hair appointment
    • Step 4 - Your GlamPalm Hair Iron will be delivered to you on the same day for any orders we receive by 1pm on weekdays

    Your Top 12 Questions - Answered
    Click any question below to reveal the answer!

    How long does it take for delivery?

    All order received before 1pm will be delivered on the SAME-DAY during Weekdays.

    If we receive your order on a public holiday or weekend, your order will be delivered on the next working day.

    Feel free to contact our support team at with your order details should you have any additional questions!

    There is a problem with my styler, what do I do?

    All GlamPalm products are made to the highest standard but if for some reason there is a problem with your styler then please contact our support team on and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Please ensure you have your full name, contact details, serial number and a brief description of the problem in the email to ensure a speedy returns process.

    Where is GlamPalm made?

    All GlamPalm products are made from start to finish in South Korea by UNIL Electronics Corporation. We currently have 6 factories producing GlamPalm products for the world.

    Can I purchase GlamPalm at a salon or try before I buy?

    GlamPalm is available at Hairloom Salon. Please look under our stockists tab to find more information. Due to hygiene reasons we recommend to try before you buy if you are unsure as we cannot refund used products. We recommend you read our reviews, blog advertorials and other reviews on various websites if you are unsure.
    If you are interested in selling GlamPalm products in your salon or any hair & beauty distributors that have interest, please send an email to with your salon or company details.

    Can I use my styler overseas or when I travel?

    Yes. All stylers have Universal Voltage and are fitted with Surge Protectors. They can be used anywhere in the world. If for some reason there is an electrical surge, the styler will flash and beep.If this happens, turn off the styler, pull the cord out from the socket and wait ten seconds; then simply plug the cord back in and turn on the styler.

    How do I know my GlamPalm is genuine?

    Every styler is fitted with a state of the art RFID chip which cannot be copied or imitated. We can also track it through the Serial Number printed on the label. Please send an email to if you are unsure. Please ensure you put in the following details to ensure a speedy response; your name, where you purchased your GlamPalm and the date you purchased or received your GlamPalm.

    How do I know if my styler is still under warranty?

    Standard manufacturer’s warranty is One (1) Year from the date of purchase and every purchase is recorded through our sales system. You will need to provide your full name and the serial number of your styler by email to and one of our staff will let you know when the warranty is valid till.

    How do I know which model to buy?

    We have a “Styler Guide” on the website which is a recommendation based on hair length and type and what styles you would like to achieve. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by email on

    What temperature should I use the styler for my hair?

    We have a “Temperature Guide” on the website which is a recommendation based on how you want to style your hair.
    Due to the various hair types, you may need to use the styler at a higher/lower temperature than what is on the guide; it is a matter of finding the right temperature for your hair type.
    REMEMBER: You do not need to use heat protector before or after styling your hair with GlamPalm products and please ensure your hair is completely dry before using any heat tools.

    Can I put the heat cap on as soon as I have finished using my styler?

    Yes. The heat cap is designed so users can place the cap on the styler as soon as they have finished and leave it unattended to allow it to cool down. Please ensure you place the styler on a flat, hard surface away from any fire dangers.

    I bought my GlamPalm from another website, is it still under warranty in Singapore?

    Unfortunately, the standard manufacturer's warranty is only valid for customer's who have purchased from the Official GlamPalm Singapore site or an Authorized Seller in Singapore. Each GlamPalm Styler has a unique RFID Chip and Serial Number which enables us to track where it was purchased. If you have any doubts, please contact our support team on

    I live in another country, can I buy from GlamPalm Singapore?

    Unfortunately, GlamPalm has exclusive distributors in each country which means we cannot ship outside of Singapore. If you would like to purchase a GlamPalm, please email our support team on and then we will put you in touch with our Head Office.

    Does Healing Stone wear off over time?

    No. Healing Stone never wears off during the lifetime of the iron. Please ensure you keep your heating plates clean by wiping them with a damp cloth time to time. Never clean them while the iron is on or hot, only clean while the heating plates are cool.

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