Styler Selection Guide

Which Model Should I Buy? (GP201 VS GP313)
Whether you’ve got a short bob, shoulder length curls or long flowing tresses, we’ve got you covered! There’s a GlamPalm model for every occasion. Ensure you walk out the door gleaming with confidence, every time!

What length is your hair?



Short Hair

Medium Hair


Long Hair


Both Curl & Straighten

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Short Hair: Up to shoulders
Medium Hair: Below shoulders to the first half of your upper arm
Long Hair: Below the first half of your upper arm

Which Heat Setting is right for me?

Now that you’ve got the right styling tool in your arsenal, it’s time to heat things up!

Use the following chart as a guide to selecting the right temperature. Fine tune it as you go.

With 11 heat settings, there’ll always be the perfect setting to leave you looking glamorous!

heat setting mobile