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7 Causes of Hair Whitening and What You Can Do to Manage It

Have you noticed white or grey strands appearing prematurely?

The common belief is hair whitening is solely a sign of aging but it can happen in your early 20s

This phenomenon is known as premature hair whitening.

The good news is that it’s preventable.

In this blog, we list down white hair causes and offer tips to help you maintain healthy hair.

Common Hair Whitening Causes

1. Vitamin Deficiency

Melanocytes are cells found in the hair follicles.

It’s responsible for hair colour and heavily depends on nutrients like B12, B5, D, and biotin.

Deficiency leads to reduced melanin production and hair discolouration.

Maintain healthy levels of nutrients through a balanced diet or multivitamins.

2. Genetics

Genetics is a major contributor to premature hair whitening.

If parents experienced early whitening then it’s likely they experience the same.

Because it’s in their DNA, it’s difficult to prevent.

Temporary hair color sprays can provide a quick solution.

To keep your colored hair protected and healthy, use a quality hair iron like Glampalm.

Glampalm received recognition for 2 consecutive years which is the Brand Consumers Loyalty Award in Korea.

3. Stress

Stress is also associated with premature hair whitening

Stressful situations may deplete melanocytes which leads to early whitening

Practices like meditation and yoga along with adequate sleep help manage stress.

4. Kind of Lifestyle

Excessive alcohol drinking is linked to premature hair whitening.

Smoking is also correlated with early whitening.

Moderate alcohol intake and quit smoking.

These can contribute to preventing premature whitening.

5. Health Issues and Hormones

White hair could signal underlying health concerns or hormonal imbalance.

Adequate nutrition with vitamins (B12) and minerals (copper, iron, zinc) helps maintain hair health.

Consult a healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

6. Aging

The natural and normal cause of hair whitening.

Hair follicles produce less melanin as you age.

Embrace the natural process as you age.

Celebrate the wisdom gained with age.

7. Environmental Factors

Exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins may affect premature hair whitening.

Protect hair from pollution and use sulfate-free products for a healthier mane.

Understanding the causes of premature hair whitening lets you take proactive measures.

Celebrate the journey of aging, and let your hair reflect the beauty of every stage of life.

Aside from Managing Your Hair From Premature Whitening, Protect Your Hair From Damage As Well

It’s a smart move to be proactive in managing your hair from premature whitening.

You’ll be able to slow down the whitening of your hair.

Continue to protect and manage your hair by making sure you have little to no hair damage at all.

Other regular hair irons and hair styling tools might damage your hair for long-term use.

But not with a versatile and quality hair iron like Glampalm

In a 4-week lab study, those who used Glampalm showed no hair damage under the microscopic view.

Even with daily use, you’re confident that your hair stays healthy and smooth-looking with Glampalm.

This is why it’s recommended by professional hairstylists and salon owners in Korea.

Create beautiful hairstyles without worrying about hair damage.

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