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9 Ways to Make Your Hair Smell Fresh

Every woman loves both beautiful and fragrant-smelling hair.

You want that fresh scent to last all day long on your hair.

But, the challenge is many hair products have chemicals that may damage your hair and scalp.

This will make your hair smell unpleasant.

On the positive side, there are many ways how to make your hair smell fresh.

In this blog, we compiled 9 ways to keep your hair smelling good.

1. Keep Your Scalp Clean and Healthy

source: unsplash

Forgetting to take care of your scalp can cause unhealthy buildup.

This will lead to dirty and bad-smelling hair.

That’s why it’s necessary to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Try to use a hair serum for a moisturized and clean scalp.

2. Follow a Proper Hair Care Routine

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Brush your hair frequently to get rid of tangles and pollutants.

Avoid touching your hair too if your hands are dirty.

Also, wash your pillowcases often to prevent buildup on your hair.

Make sure to use quality hair styling tools like Glampalm Hair Iron.

Glampalm is recommended by more than 5,000 professional hairstylists in Korea.

3. Apply Conditioner

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Remember, washing your hair daily with a shampoo takes off the natural oil on your hair.

You might be washing away the fragrance of your hair too

Maintain the fresh scent of your hair by using conditioner.

This helps bring back the pleasant smell of your hair.

4. Use Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

source: healthline

The benefit of using a hair mask is that it doesn’t only make your hair smell good.

It also makes your hair nourished, hydrated, and moisturized.

For best results, do a quick 10-minute mask before you take a shower.

5. Spray Your Hair with Natural Hair Perfume

source: byrdie

Don’t spray your hair with regular perfume because it will make your hair dry.

What you can do better for your hair health is to use a natural hair perfume instead.

If you flip your hair after, you can smell the wonderful scent of the natural hair perfume.

6. Have a Balanced Diet

source: healthsite

Eating healthy food does wonders for your body, hair, and scalp.

Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables allow you to have healthy hair which prevents any bad smell.

Drink enough glasses of water to keep your hair hydrated.

7. Overcome Stress in a Healthy Way

source: Healthline

Too much stress can affect your hair until it looks oily, messy, and smelly.

Overcome stress by practising relaxation activities like meditation and Yoga exercises.

Drinking herbal tea may also help in combating stress.

Having a work-life balance is a sustainable way to prevent stress as well!

8. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

source: Wonderforest

Your surroundings can have a strong scent on your hair.

For example, if you pass along a smoky area, the smoky smell will stick to your hair.

That’s why better to cover your hair with a scarf.

Once you get home, make sure to wash your hair immediately to remove unwanted smells.

9. Use Hair Oils

source: healthline

Using hair oil keeps your hair shiny, smooth, and fragrant.

Hair oil also nourishes your hair from the inside out making your hair healthy and strong.

You can use hair oil with a hair mask to get the combined benefits for your hair.

Keep Your Hair Healthy Even With Long-term Use of a Hair Iron. Here’s How.

Most regular hair styling tools like a hair iron cause dryness and damage.

This can result in bad-smelling hair.

What you can do is choose a quality hair iron that minimizes damage like Glampalm.

Glampalm is the world’s first hair iron with Healing Stone™ Technology.

Glampalm is proven in a lab test to not cause heat damage even with long-term use…

Giving you smooth and healthy hair perfect to complement your best look.

The Glampalm Hair Iron protects you from unwanted hair damage which in turn prevents your hair from smelling bad.

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