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Did You Know That Hair Was A Status Symbol in the Past? Here are 5 Historical Periods Where The Type of Hair You Had Represented Your Social Status

Hairstyles serve as powerful expressions of social status, cultural identity, and personal style.

From ancient civilizations to present times, the evolution of hairstyles shows dynamic shifts.

These dynamic shifts are shown in societal values and individual expression.

Here are 5 occasions from key historical periods that highlight hair as a status symbol.

1. Ancient Times

Men and women in ancient Egypt shaved heads.

Then they wear wigs made from human hair or animal fur.

This is for protection from the sun and to signify social status.

Ancient Greece had hairstyles with braids, curls, and ornate accessories.

All these reflect a sense of aesthetics.

2. Middle Ages

Hairstyles reflected religious beliefs during the Middle Ages.

Women wore long and braided hair.

Headwear like veils and hoods was common, symbolizing modesty.

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3. Renaissance

Renaissance hairstyles were ornate and elaborate.

Women styled hair in intricate braids with jewels.

These are considered luxurious so they symbolize wealth and status.

4. Victorian Era

Victorian-era hairstyles featured intricate updos, curls, and braids.

Women used hairpieces and extensions for added volume.

Wealthy Victorian women could afford these expensive accessories.

These embellishments were a symbol of social status and fashion consciousness.

5. 18th Century (Rococo Era)

Women in the 18th century embraced pouf hairstyles.

It is characterized by towering arrangements of curls, ribbons, and feathers.

The pouf was not only a fashion statement but also a symbol of wealth.

The elaborate hairstyles often required the use of padding and support structures.

This emphasises the wearer’s ability to dedicate time and resources to personal grooming.

In these historical periods, hairstyles were not just matters of personal preference.

These served as powerful symbols of social status, cultural ideals, and economic standing.

The hairstyle choices made by individuals during these times conveyed nuanced messages about their place in society.

It also shows their adherence to prevailing standards of beauty and prestige.

How to Create Hairstyles that Will Show Your Timeless Beauty

Going beyond historical periods, you may have already heard of the phrase “timeless beauty”.

This is how a stunning woman can be described because her beauty is deemed worthy of admiration despite the era.

Every woman has that timeless beauty inside and out.

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