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How to Create Coily, Big, or Loose Curls Using a Hair Straightener by Simply Holding It at 3 Different Angles – No Tangles or Painful Hair Pulls

Creating effortless and stylish curls with a hair straightener is easier than you think.

In this guide, we’ll share how to hold the hair straightener at three distinct angles to create coily, big, or loose curls.

The best part? No more tangles or painful hair pulls.

We’ll guide you through each step to ensure a smooth process to achieve those perfect curls.

For easier reference, watch this video below:

Don’t have time to watch the entire video? Scroll down to read the text version.

1. Loose Curls at 0°

Here’s how to experiment with loose curls:

1.1. Hold the Iron at 0° Angle

Position the hair iron horizontally to keep it completely straight at a 0° angle.

Begin at the top of a hair section, close to the roots, for a natural-looking curl.

1.2. Wrap and Slide

Take a small subsection of hair and wrap it around the hair iron away from your face.

Hold the end of the hair section with your fingers, leaving about 1-2 inches uncurled.

Slowly slide the iron down the hair, maintaining the 0° angle.

1.3. Release and Repeat

Gently release the curled section from the iron, allowing the curl to cool and set.

Continue this process, working through each section of hair.

Once all sections are curled, run your fingers through the curls for a more relaxed, loose look.

Create this curl with ease and precision using Glampalm, the best-selling hair iron in Korea.

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2. Big Curls at 45°

Follow these steps to create big curls:

2.1. Hold the Iron at a 45° Angle

Take a small section of hair and hold the hair iron at a 45° angle.

This angle is crucial for creating voluminous curls.

Make sure the open end of the iron is pointing upward.

2.2. Wrap Hair Around the Iron Away from Your Face

Starting from the root, wrap the hair around the iron away from your face.

Keep the iron at a 45° angle throughout the process.

The outward direction of the curls adds dimension and ensures a flattering frame for your face.

2.3. Hold for a Few Seconds and Release

Gently clamp the iron onto the wrapped hair and hold for around 5-10 seconds depending on your hair type.

This allows the heat to set the curl.

Release the iron and let the curl fall naturally.

2.4. Repeat and Alternate Sections

Continue the process, working through each section of hair.

For a natural look, alternate the direction of the curls.

Some curls wrap away from the face while others are towards.

This alternating pattern adds texture and volume to the big curls.

3. Coily Curls at 90°

These are the steps to create those coily curls:

3.1. Hold the Hair Iron Vertically at 90°

Take a small strand of hair and hold the hair iron vertically at a 90° angle.

This means the iron should be perpendicular to the floor.

This orientation is crucial for achieving coily curls

It allows the hair to wrap around the iron in a way that forms tight coils.

3.2. Wrap Hair Around the Iron from Root to Tip

Starting close to the roots, gently wrap the section of hair around the hair iron, moving towards the tips.

Maintain the 90° angle throughout this process.

The coiling effect will be seen more when the iron is held vertically.

This will create defined and stylish coily curls.

3.3. Hold for a Few Seconds

Allow the hair to stay wrapped around the iron for a few seconds.

The heat from the iron will set the curls in place.

The duration may vary based on your hair type and the heat settings of your iron.

3.4. Release and Repeat

Carefully release the coiled strand from the iron.

Repeat the process with the remaining sections.

Ensuring each one is wrapped at a 90° angle for beautifully coiled curls.

As you try out these styles, just remember that you should have a quality hair iron to do these.

Keep experimenting around. Trying new things. Discovering new amazing looks.

With just one quality hair iron, you’ve got dozens of hairstyles to create even in your home.

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