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Manage Oily or Dry Hair with These 5 Tips Recommended by Experts And See Amazing Results in 30 Days

An oily or dry hair is a hair concern you shouldn’t take for granted.

Make sure to manage your hair immediately with the right hair care.

In this blog, we gathered the tips recommended by trichologists.

They are the experts studying the problems of hair and scalp.

Continue reading to find out how to properly take care of your hair especially if you experience it to be dry or oily.

1. Find the Right Shampoo Product for You

The foundation of a healthy hair routine starts with the right shampoo.

Don’t listen to the misleading advice and advertisements.

Choose a professional shampoo that matches your hair type.

This will remove dirt and oil without leaving unwanted residues.

Remember, your shampoo should leave your hair fresh and bouncy.

2. Perfect Your Washing Routine

Proper washing technique is just as crucial as selecting the right shampoo.

Apply the shampoo directly to your scalp while it’s still in liquid form.

This reaches down to the roots.

This method allows the shampoo to dissolve the oil.

It provides a thorough cleanse.

After washing your hair, use a quality hair iron so your hair won’t get damaged like Glampalm.

Glampalm is recommended by professional hairstylists.

3. Upgrade to Professional Shampoo

Investing in a high-quality and professional shampoo is a must.

Avoid the mistake of cheap, watered-down alternatives that merely cover odors.

Professional shampoos effectively remove oil.

This leaves your hair genuinely clean.

If you experience any drying after switching then adjust your routine to try the stronger formula.

4. Lock in Moisture with Conditioner, Hair Mask, and Leave-In Conditioner

Combatting dry hair requires a strategic approach to moisture retention.

Conditioner and a hair mask work together to hydrate the inside of your hair

This leads to hair vibrancy.

After showering, apply a leave-in conditioner while your hair is still wet.

It will form a protective barrier.

Apply light hair oil to your hair ends, slowly applied to avoid weighing down your hair.

5. Do the Heavy Product Test

Evaluate your hair care products with the Heavy Product Test.

Leave out one product during your routine and observe the results.

If your hair stays fresher longer, the other product may be too heavy.

Choose lighter alternatives, especially when it comes to products like hairspray.

Because hairspray that don’t match you may cause greasiness.

Continue Taking Care of Your Hair by Styling with Quality Hair Styling Tools

Managing your hair doesn’t end with just these 5 tips.

You have to take care of your hair too most especially in using hair styling tools.

Choose Glampalm, the 2023 Brand Consumer Loyalty Awards recipient in Korea.

This quality hair iron is recommended by professional hair stylists.

One of the reasons why they trust Glampalm is because of the Healing Stone™ Technology.


In a 4-week study, it’s lab-proven that Glampalm causes no heat damage.

Make Glampalm your beauty and hair care essential right now.

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