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Prevent Hair Loss with these 3 Important Tips from a Professional Hairstylist Before You See Signs of Any Hair Problem

When people expressed concerns about hair loss, they often noticing clumps of hair in the shower or sink.

The good news is there are effective hair care habits that can minimize hair loss.

In this blog, we’ll explore both common and unexpected factors causing hair loss from a professional hairstylist.

Learn more how to protect your hair from any hair problem.

Scalp Massages Promotes Hair Growth

Scalp massages are not just relaxing because they can help your hair grow.

Using your fingertips and not your palms is key.

It’s like how you clean dishes.

A scalp scrubber might seem good to use it’s better to use your fingers.

Clean your scalp during your usual hair wash routine.

Another way to protect your scalp and hair is use only quality hair styling tools like Glampalm.

Glampalm has the Healing Stone™ Technology which prevents damage on your hair.

Identifying Your Hair Loss Type

Is your hair breaking or shedding?

Short hairs on the bathroom counter mean breakage.

Shedding is when long hairs fall out.

Don’t stress about how much hair loss you see because everyone’s different.

For best answers, consult a trichologist or other hair experts.

Addressing Common Causes of Hair Loss

It’s important to take good care of yourself.

Stress can make you lose hair.

Eating healthy food is equally important.

If you’re also taking medications, there are those medicines who might have a side effect of hair loss.

Better to talk to your doctor as well about this hair issue.

Lastly, genetics and aging can cause hair loss as well.

Prevent Hair Loss in Your Hairstyling by Using only Quality Hair Iron

Hair loss is a huge concern so make sure you’re consistent in taking good care of your hair be it in washing or styling.

Speaking of hairstyling, trust only the quality hair irons like Glampalm.

This versatile hair iron won the 2023 Brand Consumers Loyalty Award in Korea.

Glampalm is also the recommended hair iron of more than 5,000 hairstylists and salon owners.

One of the most favorite features of customers is the quick-heat function.

Glampalm heats up as fast as 21 seconds letting you style your hair in 10 – 15 minutes.

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