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See The Most Recommended Bangs for 7 Common Face Shapes So You’ll Look Fabulous in Your New Hairstyle

Choosing the right bangs for your face shape will make you look fabulous.

Bangs can highlight your best features and soften your overall appearance.

To do this, you must know which type of bang is perfect for your face shape.

With so many different bangs that you can choose from, we compiled the most recommended bangs for each face shape

1. Oval Face Shape: Wispy Bangs

Soft, wispy bangs or long, layered bangs look best on an oval face shape.

These styles work well because they don’t cover too much of the face.

These maintain the natural balance of an oval shape.

Wispy bangs add a touch of softness and femininity.

Layered bangs can create a more dynamic and textured look.

Both styles are versatile and easily styled for a casual or more sophisticated appearance.

2. Round Face Shape: Long-Angled Bangs

For a round face shape, side-swept bangs or long, angled bangs are the most suitable.

These create a lengthening effect, adding angles to the soft curves of a round face.

Siide-swept bangs are effective in elongating the face, making it appear more oval.

Angled bangs can add a modern and edgy look to your hairstyle.

For an easier way to create the right bangs, use a quality hair iron like Glampalm.

Glampalm has 11 temperature settings to control the heat to easily fix your bangs.

3. Square Face Shape: Rounded Bangs

Curtain bangs or soft, rounded bangs will fit well for a square face shape.

These bangs help soften a square face’s angular jawline and forehead.

Curtain bangs bring a retro yet timeless elegance.

That’s why it frames the face beautifully on both sides.

Soft, rounded bangs create a gentle and more approachable look.

This contrasts nicely with the strong lines of a square face.

4. Heart Face Shape: Side-Swept Bangs

Try side-swept bangs or wispy, layered bangs for a heart-face shape.

They balance the wider forehead and add fullness to the lower part of the face.

Side-swept bangs give a chic and stylish flair

This draws attention to the eyes.

Wispy, layered bangs bring a playful and light-hearted feel.

This type of bangs softens the overall look.

5. Long (or Rectangular) Face Shape: Straight-Across Bangs

Blunt, straight-across bangs, or brow-skimming bangs fit the long or rectangular face shape.

These bangs add width to the face and reduce the length visually.

Blunt bangs offer a bold and striking statement.

It creates a fashionable focal point.

The brow-skimming bangs can be tailored to suit various hair types and styles.

This offers flexibility and elegance.

The right bangs can significantly enhance your facial features.

Always consider your face shape before deciding on a bang style.

Consult with a hairstylist to achieve the best results.

Embrace change and enjoy your new, flattering look!

How to Make Sure to Manage Your Bangs Without The Hair Pulls or Tangles

Visit your trusted hairstylist to get the bangs that look best on you.

After this, make sure to manage your bangs well with the use of a quality hair iron like Glampalm.

Glampalm has smooth sliding plates that allow you to easily glide through your hair.

This prevents hair pulls and tangles on your bangs.

Glampalm is a popular and best-selling hair iron in Korea.

More than 5,000 professional hairstylists and salon owners trust Glampalm.

You’d love to get yours too and see the difference.

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