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Skincare Secrets Behind The Timeless Beauty of Song Ji Hyo in her Early 40s

Song Ji Hyo is one of the most popular, talented, and highest-paid Korean actresses.

She is also considered an entertainer with her decade-long stint in Running Man, a hit Korean variety show.

Behind the camera, she is like an angel because of her kindness to staff, fellow actors, and fans.


Casual fans also love Song Ji Hyo so much with her irresistible charm.

Would you believe she is already 42 years old?

Many people thought she is in her late 20s with her timeless beauty.

One of her secrets to maintaining a sophisticated youthful beauty is in choosing the right products for her skincare.

In an almost 9-minute video from “Get It Beauty Moment”, she shared her skincare secrets and other essentials.

We listed them down here so you won’t have to go through the entire video.

1. Make Cleansing a Daily Habit


It’s important to wash your face daily to remove makeup.

This helps keep your skin looking fresh and clean.

Take a small cleanser with you when you’re on the go.

Be prepared to wash your face whenever you need to.

This is important especially if you’re wearing makeup.

Also when you’re on the go, use a balm-type oil cleanser.

A balm-type oil cleanser won’t spill.

This type of cleanser washes your skin thoroughly without making it too oily.

2. Hydration is Important


Use products with moisturizing oils.

This is to leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed after cleansing.

When your skin is hydrated, your skin looks young and smooth.

Another benefit of skin hydration is it prevents skin problems like acne.

Hydrated skin also heals better and makes you comfortable, making you feel good.

Drink enough water and use the right skincare products.

Also, protect your skin from the sun and harsh weather.

Staying hydrated is necessary as well to keep your hair healthy.

To take care of your hair, use a quality hair styling tool like Glampalm.

Glampalm is Korea’s best-selling hair iron and is recommended by 5000 hair experts.

3. Use Toning Lotion


Toning lotion is important for skincare because it helps keep your skin healthy.

It’s just the right balance that it’s not too oily or too dry.

Toning lotion removes dirt and makeup after cleansing.

Leaving your skin clean and ready for applying other skincare products.

Toning lotion can make your skin look smooth, even, healthy, and fresh.

4. Apply Sunscreen


Don’t forget sunscreen as it shields you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Regular use of sunscreen prevents skin cancer, sunburn, dark spots, and other skin problems.

It’s important for long-term skin health.

Keep your skin safe and healthy with sunscreen.

Consider using water-based CC compacts with sunscreen components.

This will make you feel light and moisturized.

5. Carry A Bottle of Mist Always


Carry a small bottle of mist for quick hydration wherever you are.

Spraying with mists is like giving your skin a quick water to drink.

You’ll feel refreshed and hydrated.

Carry a bottle of mists with you especially when the day is too hot.

Avoid dry skin by spraying mists.

Mists soothe your skin and reduce redness

This will make you feel more comfortable.

Mists can set your makeup and give you a radiant look.

Make sure to carry a bottle of mists to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Other Essentials Aside from Skincare Products Mentioned by Song Ji Hyo in the Video

Don’t forget these essential items in your daily routine:

  • a subtle perfume atomizer for a refreshing (and not overpowering) scent
  • eye drops to brighten and refresh tired or dry eyes,
  • dental floss for fresh breath and healthy dental hygiene
  • a rich, moisturizing lip tint that gives you a subtle yet natural-looking makeup appearance

These essentials can make a big difference in your daily self-care routine.

Hair Care is Equally Important as Skin Care Too!

Along with skincare, make sure you’re taking good care of your hair too.

Use only quality hair styling tools that are recommended by experts like Glampalm.

Glampalm is the top choice of 5,000 Korean salon owners and professional hairstylists.

One of its advanced features that these hair care experts love is the 11 temperature settings.

You can choose the exact heat level for your hair type and the hairstyle you want to try.

If you have fine hair, use 100° to blowdry. For tight curls, choose a 150° heat level.

For medium hair, switch Glampalm to 150°. If you want to try soft curls, adjust to 180°.

Then, 200° is the suitable temperature setting for thick hair to create tight curls or straight hair.

Check this table for further reference.

This is why Glampalm is easy, versatile, and convenient to use.

Check out other advanced features of Glampalm by visiting our website at

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