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The 3 Common Face Shapes: How to Choose a Hairstyle That Matches Your Face Shape and Look Your Best!

Just like fashion, don’t generalize a specific hairstyle for all face shapes.

Choose the matching hairstyle that complements your face shape perfectly.

This helpful guide will let you pick the hairstyle…

So your hair will bring out your natural beauty.

1. For Round Faces: Definition and Elegance

Round faces need hairstyles that add definition.

This is also to create the illusion of length.

Check out these three options:

1.1. Long Layers

Source: HanaStory

Imagine layers that gently frame your face.

These layers add depth and sophistication

It makes your face look longer and balanced.

1.2. Side-Swept Bangs

Source: Pinterest

Nicely done side-swept bangs will work wonders for round faces.

These bangs draw attention away from the width of your face.

It also emphasize the beauty of your eyes.

1.3. Asymmetrical Bob

Source: All Things Hair

Try an asymmetrical bob.

It’s shorter at the back and longer in the front

It gives off a modern and angular touch to your round face.

2. For Oval Faces: Versatility and Style

If you have an oval face, you’re lucky!

It’s a shape that suits many hairstyles.

Take a look at these versatile options:

2.1. Pixie Cut

Source: Pinterest

Short and sassy, the pixie cut highlights your facial features.

It’s a bold choice that shows confidence and style.

2.2. Beach Waves

Source: Koreaboo

For a more laid-back look, beach waves is a good choice.

These soft and loose waves enhance your natural balance.

Its adds a touch of carefree charm.

2.3. Top Knot or High Ponytail

Give high hairstyles a try.

A top knot or a high ponytail will show your face’s symmetry

You’ll look elegant in this hairstyle with any outfit

3. For Square Faces: Soften Your Features

Square faces have strong angles,

The right hairstyle can soften those features.

See these recommendations:

3.1. Soft Curls

Source: Pinterest

Flowing curls or waves shows your feminine charm to your strong features.

It creates a stunning contrast impresses people.

3.2. Layered Bob

Source: Pinterest

Go for a layered bob to soften your jawline.

This style adds movement and dimension.

It frames your face in a flattering way.

3.3. Side-Parted Hair

Source: Pinterest

A simple change like a side part fits well for a square face.

It adds asymmetry and balance.

It makes your face appear rounded.

You’ll look friendly and approachable.

Don’t Know Which Hairstyle Suits You? Create Different Hairstyles For Each Day!

Remember, while these are expert recommendations…

The best hairstyle is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Find your signature look so your inner beauty will shine through your perfect hairstyle.

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