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Top 5 Blackpink Jisoo Hairstyles That Will ‘Wow’ Your Friends

Planning to change your hairstyle soon?

Choose a stunning hairstyle from the K-pop sensation Blackpink Jisoo.

Known for their chart-topping songs, sold-out world tour concerts, and fashion icon recognition, Blackpink is a star of this generation’s K-pop groups.

Source: Billboard

It’s not surprising millions around the world support and love them.

Blackpink Jisoo is also known for her natural beauty.

We listed 5 hairstyles inspired by Jisoo.

Save this blog so you can choose which hairstyle you’ll love best.

1. Double Braids

Source: Jisoo’s Instagram

Jisoo shows off her confidence with this hairstyle.

It’s your turn to do this on-point look.

Divide your hair evenly and braid each side.

You may also loosen those braids for a chill vibe.

Try this hairstyle if you’re going out with your friends.

Do the double braids as well if you’re hanging out by yourself in your favorite place.

2. Classic Top Bun

Source: Jisoo’s Instagram

Some hairstyles never go out of style like the classic top bun.

This hairstyle is a timeless elegance.

Look at how Jisoo seems to have her beauty frozen in time with the classic top bun.

If you have an all-day-long business event, go for this hairstyle.

Just follow these three steps:

  • First, create a high ponytail
  • Next, twist it into a bun
  • Last, secure with pins.

You’re all set especially if you need to stay cool on a warm day.

It’s an effortless hairstyle in your busy schedule.

To keep your hairstyling convenient and easy, you need a versatile hair iron.

Choose Glampalm, an expert-recommended hair iron with the advanced feature of 11 temperature settings.

This advanced feature gives you full control of styling whatever your hair type is.

3. Messy Updo with Fringes and Bangs

Source: Jisoo’s Instagram

The messy updo looks great with neatly done fringes and bangs.

Just like Jisoo, you can have this hairstyle with ease.

What you need to do first is gather your hair into a loose bun.

Next, let some strands frame your face.

Finally, leave those bangs to transform into an amazing look.

It’s suitable for a casual hangout or a chill date night.

Embrace your charismatic vibe with this hairstyle.

4. High Ponytail with Wavy Hair

Source: Jisoo’s Instagram

Do you want to show off a sophisticated side like how Jisoo does it?

The high ponytail with wavy hair is your go-to for leaving a great impression.

Create those loose and curling waves.

Make a high ponytail out of your hair.

This hairstyle is Ideal for a business presentation or a night out with friends.

Be confident to own the spotlight just like the global K-pop star Jisoo.

5. Polished Low Ponytail

Source: Jisoo’s Instagram

Simple yet elegant, this is how Jisoo looks like with the polished low ponytail.

Have this same vibe for your style and confidence.

To achieve this look, straighten those locks for a glossy finish.

Afterward, gather your locks at the nape of your neck. Lastly, tie it up.

Pro tip: wrap some hair around the tie for that extra touch.

Ace your business presentation with this easy, classy, and elegant hairstyle

More Hairstyles to Try With a Versatile Hair Styling Tool

It’s undeniable Blackpink Jisoo is so beautiful in these mentioned hairstyles.

These hairstyles will also look wonderful on you.

But it’s not practical to always visit a salon for every hairstyle change.

What you can do instead is to use a versatile hair styling tool.

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Style your hair and be as confident as how Jisoo conquers any stage.

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