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Try these 5 Gorgeous Hairstyles Inspired by the Spiderman Actress Zendaya Which You Can Recreate Easily

Zendaya is famous for her roles in Spider-Man and she’s known for her top-notch style.

She’s a hair icon known for her awesome and diverse hairstyles.

Whether it’s for a fancy event or a casual day, she nails every look.

This blog will show you how to do five of Zendaya’s coolest hairstyles yourself.

These styles are perfect for any event, helping you look like a star effortlessly.

1. Elegant High Ponytail

Image Source: Byrdie

Zendaya’s high ponytail is simple yet elegant.

It’s great for hanging out or going to a special event.

Here’s how you can create it for yourself.

First, pull your hair up to the top of your head and tie it with a hairband.

Make it smooth by combing out any lumps and spraying a little hairspray to keep it neat.

For an extra stylish touch, wrap a hair strand around the ponytail base to cover the hairband.

This hairstyle makes your face look longer and highlights your cheekbones.

A quick spray of glossy hairspray will keep it looking fresh all day.

This ponytail is stylish and also practical for when you need to keep your hair out of the way.

2. Classic Top Knot

Image Source: Byrdie

Zendaya’s go-to for a cool yet functional style is the top knot.

Pull your hair into a tight ponytail on top of your head and twist it into a bun, securing it with hairpins.

Use a bit of hair gel on any stray hair before twisting to get a clean look.

This hairstyle is perfect for managing your hair on busy days or when it’s hot out.

It’s versatile enough for both exercising and going out.

3. Soft Beach Waves

Image Source: Byrdie

Zendaya’s beach waves give a relaxed and romantic vibe, ideal for a date or a day out.

Before you start, spray your hair with something to protect it from heat.

Then, curl large sections with a big curling iron but leave the ends out to keep the waves looking natural.

Shake out the curls with your hands to make them soft and full.

Add some texturising spray to finish the breezy, beach look.

This style is all about looking effortlessly beautiful.

4. Glamorous Curls

Image Source: Byrdie

Zendaya’s fancy curls look sophisticated and are perfect for catching everyone’s eye at a party.

Before curling, put some curl-defining cream or mousse in your hair to help the curls hold.

Use a medium curling iron to curl small sections.

After your hair is fully curled, gently brush it out with a soft brush to turn those tight curls into lush waves.

A bit of hairspray will keep everything in place but still let your hair move.

This style is all about making a statement with big, beautiful hair.

5. Straight and Sleek

Image Source: Byrdie

When Zendaya wants to look super sleek, she goes for this straight hairstyle.

Start by applying a straightening product to damp hair, then dry it straight with a round brush for smoothness.

Next, use a flat iron to straighten your hair section by section, making sure not to go over any piece too much to avoid damage.

A dab of hair oil will give your hair a shiny finish.

Spray some light hairspray to hold everything in place.

This look is all about being smooth and shiny, perfect for impressing at a formal event.

Recreate Gorgeous Hairstyles Using A Hair Iron With 11 Temperature Settings

Trying Zendaya’s hairstyles means you get to show off many different looks, from casual to classy.

Each of these hairstyles lets you express something unique about yourself, just like Zendaya does.

Recreating these hairstyles effectively would require a quality and versatile hair iron.

Just like Glampalm, the recommended hair iron by hair care professionals.

Glampalm’s 11 temperature settings let you create hairstyles for any hair type.

With Glampalm, you’re all set to make every day a little more glamorous.

Try these hairstyles from this blog and bring some celebrity flair into your everyday style!

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