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Try these 7 Amazing Hairstyles Suitable for Shoulder-Length Hair Using a Versatile Hair Iron (Plus We Included Step-By-Step Tutorials to Achieve the Best Look Perfect for the Occasion)

Trying new amazing hairstyles with your shoulder-length hair using a versatile hair iron?

Even if you have short hair, you can still style it with sophistication and chic.

In this blog, we’ll cover 7 stunning hairstyles perfect for shoulder-length hair.

Not only will these hairstyles make you stand out, but they’re also great for keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny.

1. Sleek and Straight

This style is all about precision so every strand is perfectly straight.

It’s ideal for formal events, interviews, or any occasion where you need a polished look.

This hairstyle looks classy and gives off a professional vibe, perfect for making a great impression.

Follow these steps:

  • Set your hair iron between 180°C-200°C for a smooth sleek finish.
  • Begin by applying a heat protectant to shield your hair from damage.
  • Section your hair and patiently work the iron through each part, from roots to ends.
  • To maintain the sleekness, finish with a light serum or spray to add shine and reduce frizz.

2. Soft Beach Waves

Beach waves are great for casual outings, daytime dates, or a relaxed office look.

They provide a laid-back yet chic vibe and they’re suitable for various occasions.

Proceed with these instructions:

  • Adjust your hair iron to a temperature of 160°C-180°C.
  • This lower heat helps create gentle, natural-looking waves without causing excess damage.
  • Wrap sections of your hair around the iron, holding for a few seconds before releasing it to achieve that beachy, tousled look.
  • Alternate the direction of the curls for a more authentic, effortless style.
  • Finish with a texturising spray to enhance the waves and add movement to your hair.

3. Glamorous Curls

These curls are perfect for any celebratory event, from weddings to gala nights, where you want to add a touch of elegance to your style.

The curls frame the face beautifully and highlight your features.

It adds a romantic flair to your overall appearance.

It’s a timeless choice that works wonderfully for shoulder-length hair.

Here are steps to guide you:

  • Heat your iron to 180°C-200°C to get those glamorous, well-defined curls.
  • Start by sectioning your hair and curling each piece away from your face which frames your features beautifully.
  • Hold each curl for a few seconds before releasing to set the shape.
  • Ensure the curls are evenly spaced to create a harmonious look.
  • Let them cool down before gently separating with your fingers for a softer finish.
  • A spritz of hairspray will keep your curls intact and bouncy throughout your event.

4. Crimped Texture

It’s a great hairstyle for concerts, parties, or any fun, casual event.

The crimped texture adds volume and interest to your hair.

This style brings a playful and edgy vibe, ideal for when you want to stand out.

You’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Follow these steps:

  • For crimped texture, set your iron to 160°C-180°C.
  • Braid your hair in small sections, then press the iron over each braid to imprint the crimped texture.
  • Let the braids cool before undoing them to reveal a bold and textured look.
  • Finish with a lightweight hairspray to hold the texture without weighing down your hair.

5. Flip-Out Bob

This look is a tribute to the ’60s and adds a playful twist to your bob.

It’s particularly flattering for shoulder-length hair, adding movement and a touch of whimsy.

This hairstyle is versatile, and suitable for both a day at the office and a night out.

It’s a fun and low-maintenance style that looks chic and gorgeous.

Proceed with these instructions:

  • Set your hair iron to 170°C-190°C for a charming flip-out style.
  • Simply curl the ends of your hair outward to create that flippy effect, which brings a retro flair to modern styling.
  • To keep the flipped ends crisp, use a bit of hairspray or styling cream.

6. Tousled Shag

This style is perfect for everyday wear, from running errands to a night out with friends.

It embodies a laid-back, effortlessly chic aura.

It’s all about embracing imperfections, allowing some strands to fall freely, enhancing the shaggy, tousled effect.

Here are steps to guide you:

  • Start by setting your hair iron to a gentle 150°C-170°C ideal for creating soft waves without excess heat.
  • This temperature helps in crafting those perfect lived-in waves, giving the illusion of natural texture.
  • Work through your hair in sections, twisting and lightly pressing the iron for a relaxed wave, not too defined but just right for a casual, edgy vibe.
  • Finish with a texturising spray or a light mist of hairspray to hold the style in place while keeping the movement and bounce alive.

7. Half-Up, Half-Down Twist

This charming style strikes a beautiful balance, being both practical and stylish.

This hairstyle suits a variety of occasions, effortlessly transitioning from day to night and adapting to any setting, from formal to informal.

It’s a flattering look that adds a touch of elegance while keeping hair out of your face, perfect for showcasing your features.

Follow these steps:

  • Heat your hair iron to 160°C-180°C which is a sweet spot for creating curls that are neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Curl sections of your hair to add texture and volume, which will give the half-up twist an extra flair.
  • Then, take sections from each side of your head, twist them gently, and secure them at the back with a hair tie or a pretty clip.
  • A light hairspray can be used to ensure the style holds throughout the day, keeping you looking polished and ready for anything.

Whether you’re off to a party or just want to spice up your everyday style, these hairstyles are your go-to.

Plus, they’re all about keeping your hair in top shape.

Keep experimenting with these hairstyles, and enjoy all the compliments while your hair stays healthy and gorgeous!

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