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Worried About Possible Hair Loss? Add these 9 Foods for Hair Growth to Your Diet

Hair loss is a serious problem even at a young age.

There is a possible threat of hair loss caused by different factors.

Fight hair loss by gaining healthy hair growth.

But, healthy hair growth isn’t only achieved with suitable hair care products.

Your diet plays a key role in maintaining your hair growth.

In this blog, we compiled 9 goods to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

1. Salmon


Salmon has a moist and flaky texture. It has a slightly sweet flavor.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which nourish the hair follicles.

Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce inflammation on the scalp.

This nutrient in salmon leaves your hair strong and shiny and keeps your scalp healthy.

2. Spinach


Spinach has a tender texture.

This vegetable also tastes a bit bitter and earthy.

Spinach is rich in iron that helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles.

This lets you get the nutrients for strengthening and growing hair.

3. Eggs


Eggs have a rich and creamy taste. Eggs are also slightly buttery and savory.

Protein is the nutrient found in eggs.

Protein is like the building blocks for your hair. Hair is made of a protein called keratin.

Protein provides a strong foundation for your hair to grow thicker and longer.

Lack of protein will cause hair breakage.

Avoiding hair breakage is easy if you use an expert-recommended hair styling tool like Glampalm.

Glampalm is Korea’s best-selling versatile hair iron.

4. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are sweet and a bit earthy. It has a creamy texture.

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which helps you absorb Vitamin A better

Beta-cartone keeps your scalp moisturized and helps in producing sebum or a natural hair conditioner.

The sebum and a healthy scalp are both needed for proper hair growth.

5. Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt has a tangy flavor.

It’s a perfect pair for sweet fruits because of its creamy texture.

Greek yogurt contains vitamin B5.

Vitamin B5 helps with blood flow to your scalp and hair growth.

6. Nuts


Nuts like almonds and pistachio have a crunchy texture.

Nuts have a little sweet and buttery taste.

Zinc is the nutrient found in nuts.

Zinc helps hair growth by repairing and growing hair tissues,

This nutrient also keeps your hair follicles healthy that’s important to strengthen hair.

Lack of zinc may lead to dandruff.

7. Oysters


Oysters have a slightly salty flavor. The texture of oysters is chewy and tender.

Oysters both have iron and zinc.

These nutrients help in repairing tissues and keeping the scalp healthy.

8. Carrots


Carrots are naturally sweet. Its texture is crunchy especially when roasted.

Carrots absorb the flavors of seasonings and herbs.

This vegetable contains Vitamins A and C.

Vitamin A maintains the good health of your hair and scalp.

Then, Vitamin C promotes collagen production that’s important for strengthening hair.

9. Lentils

source: Food&

​Lentils have a mild, earthy flavor when cooked. Lentils also have a tender texture.

The taste and texture complement as a key ingredient for soups and stews.

Lentils have iron and protein. These nutrients keep your hair strong and healthy.

Iron and protein promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Prevent Hair Loss to Maintain Healthy Hair Growth

These foods that are rich in nutrients boost hair growth.

But taking care of your hair is not limited only to eating these healthy foods.

Be mindful of preventing hair loss by using quality hair styling tools.

Just like Glampalm, the favorite hair iron of over 5,000 Korean salon owners and hairstylists.

Glampalm uses special heat plates that smoothly slide the hair iron on your hair.

In this way, hair pull is prevented.

Find out more reasons why Glampalm is the top choice of many Korean hair experts.

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